The consultants at Page Rehabilitation Services, Inc. are experienced in medical and vocational case management, long-term disability, personal injury, divorce cases, and are available for expert testimony. All of our consultants have master's degrees in rehabilitation concentrations, are nationally certified, and are listed in the North Carolina Industrial Commission's Workers' Compensation Registry of Rehabilitation Professionals.

Vocational Case Management

Evaluating clients and developing Rehabilitation Plans tailored to their needs and then putting those plans into action is the basis of Case Management. Reassessing those goals appropriately and realistically, and recognizing the needs and options for clients are the primary elements that are communicated to all parties during the Case Management period.

Expert Testimony

Expert Testimony, or Expert Witness, services include appearances at depositions, hearings and trials. All of our consultants are recognized as Qualified Rehabilitation Professionals by the North Carolina Industrial Commission. Our document review process can assist in determining an individual's remaining employability, trainability and wage earning capacity, which is presented in the requested setting.

Job Analysis

A Job Analysis documents the duties, tasks, environment, tools and equipment, relationships and requirements involved in a particular position. Utilization of these details allows consultants to write Job Descriptions which can be sent to physicians for approval for individual clients.

Job Development and Placement

Our consultants work directly in the communities where the clients live to find positions that are right for them. This includes personalized interview and Job Seeking Skills education, face-to-face contact with potential employers, paid on-the-job training and Job Coaching and follow up, if appropriate.

Labor Market Survey

A snapshot of the local labor market assists parties in determining what type of work is available in a community, wage information, physical demands of available positions, hiring rates and outlook, and numbers of employers at a specific time.

Transferable Skills Analysis

A Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) identifies skills and aptitudes utilizing the previous work history and education of the client being assessed. Current physical restrictions, social, psychological, and education elements of the individual are then applied to match the clients skill set and provide potential job options.

Vocational Assessment and Testing

Ideally, Vocational Assessments and Testing take place in person and are utilized to gather content about work and education histories of clients as well as medical information, aptitudes, presentation, and interests. This data is collected and evaluated to determine what type of vocational options each client has, and is submitted in narrative report form, along with a personalized Vocational Rehabilitation Plan.

Medical Case Management

Early intervention on non-catastrophic or non-surgical cases by a vocational case manager allows the three point contact (Client, employer, doctor) can assist in early return to work. Information provided to physicians about alternative employment may provide alternate work options to the worker during recovery. Historically, the longer a worker is away from work, the less likely they will return to work. Our consultants review all medical records prior to meeting with clients, and attend appointments with doctors as needed. Consultants also assist in arranging Independent Medical Evaluations and other medically necessary interactions. Since employment related information is best presented to physicians by Vocational Experts, it is beneficial for doctors to meet with us in order to discuss possible modifications and work-related options for our clients.